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HpCalc is an open-source multi-platform editor for the Hp 39G calculator. I was bored by the official “Applet Development kit”, a really old and ugly program written for Windows 3.1 (!!), so I decided to write something new (and maybe better).

I made this program just for fun and for learning something (it was the first time I used the Qt library), so don’t bother me if this isn’t fully comparable to Hp’s ADK.

I don’t use too much my calculator, the only thing I really needed was a decent note editor and this’s what HpCalc is going to be: an hp 39G note editor.

Actually the program is only an alpha version, but it’s quite usable for loading/editing/saving .not files.

As I said before I don’t use too much my calculator and this isn’t one of my primary interest, so I don’t know if I’ll ever upgrade it.


HpCalc source code is released under GPL2 license, so you can grab it free from this github repository.