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Two New Entries in My Life

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Last week two new entries entered my life.A shiny brand-new Macbook pro arrived on Thursday. I’ve always dreamed of one of this wonderful laptops (I’ve been an happy iBook user for a long time). Two weeks ago I finally surrendered (I’ve always been scared of the high price) and I’ve ordered this new toy. Now, after one week of usage I’m really happy about it.

Currently I’m using Linux as primary Os, but I’ll give a try also to KDE4 on Mac ;)

The other new entry is Baguette, a three-months old dachshund. She’s really lovely, running around the house eating random things like shoes (I think it’s a must for all pets) and usb cables (she’s already a geek-dog).

I think I’ll have to keep an eye on Baguette, otherwise I’ll find another bite on my Macbook pro apple ;)